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January 3rd, 2018 by SWS Magazine

While Muay Thai allows the use of 8 limbs uses fists, shins, elbows, and knees. The roundhouse kick is the most common used kicking techniques in combat sports.

Unlike other martial arts and fighting styles such as Taekwondo that use the foot to kick, Muay Thai uses the stronger, harder shin bone. It is believed that this enables a more powerful strike with less susceptible to injury.

Muay Thai roundhouse kick is one of the most powerful weapons in a Muay Thai fighter’s arsenal. Uses the shin bone. It is like swinging a baseball bat. That is why out of all of the variations of this kick the Muay Thai roundhouse is the most powerful, effective and feared.


How to make your shin bone stronger without getting injured

Legendary fighter and showman Buakaw Banchamek’s popular video of him kicking down a banana tree in the jungle made everyone believe that all Thai fighters utilized this training method to make their shin bones stronger. However, this is untrue as it can lead to injury. In fact, in order to develop kicking power, it is important to train on the heavy bag.


The Thai fighter’s belief of the importance of running in order to kick better

Thai fighters and trainers believe that running helps in order to build strong legs and enable powerful kicks. Famous Thai fighter Nong-O would run before and after training and Sam-A would run up to 20 km per day, as both undoubtedly believed in the benefits that running had for their kicks.


Technique is key

In order to be a great Muay Tae fighter (kicker). It is important to kick with the correct form. When kicking, step outside your opponent at a 45-degree angle with your front foot. It is vital to be on this foot’s toes when you kick. This will enable you to rotate easier.

Push off from the ball of the foot on your kicking leg and swing your arm that is on the same side while rotating your body explosively. The other arm should be used to guard your head against a counter attack. Remember to kick with the shin of your foot.


Watch the best and learn

Like every other technique, you have to constantly drill your kicks in order to improve your technique. Apart from shadow boxing in front of a mirror, it also helps to train on a heavy bag, kick pads or drill with a partner.

Sam-A Gaiyanghadao and Nong-O Gaiyanghadao Both of who are regarded as two of the best Muay Thai fighters in the world are also known for their incredible kicking techniques. Sam-A has a really exciting fight style and was known for his lightning-fast left roundhouse kick that was his signature move.

Nong O was known as one of the most aggressive and technical fighters in history. He also was known as the most beautiful kicker in his era because of his stunning roundhouse kick that he could execute from both stances. It is very beneficial to watch videos and analyze the techniques used.

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October 3rd, 2017 by SWS Magazine

Apart from providing the perfect napping place for your kids and a relaxing place for you, the ideal beach umbrella protects you from the wind and protects you and your family from the sun. As you plan for a trip to the beach, you need to get the right umbrella. Here are the top factors to consider when making the perfect choice.


The Size and the Weight of the Umbrella

A beach umbrella should be large and wide, but light in weight. The size should be compact enough to fit into the trunk of your car. It is advisable to go for a foldable umbrella that will take up less space. It should be light enough to carry to and from your car without feeling the extra burden. Buying an umbrella and leaving it in your car or at home because it is bulky is a huge waste of money and space.


The Sun Protection Factor (SPF)

Just the way you consider the SPF when choosing sunscreen, you also need to do the same for the beach umbrella. They are rated by the SPF to give you an idea of what to expect. One of the features in the description is the level of “sun protection.” You have a choice of two factors: sun screening and sun blocking. Sun screening offers protection of between 35 and 50 SPF while sun-blocking umbrellas offer protection of more than 100 SPF. The higher the value, the higher the protection you receive and the more the enjoyment.


The Diameter

A large number of the umbrellas meant for the beach are wide in diameter, usually measuring 6 feet or more. You choose the diameter depending on your needs and the size of your beach chairs. It would be irrelevant to buy an umbrella whose diameter is smaller than the size of the beach chair. In fact, you are better off getting an umbrella that can provide shade for several beach chairs.

Further reading on beach chairs:


The Materials Used in Building the Umbrella

The beach umbrella is made up of two parts: the shade or canopy which is responsible for the cover, and the pole and spreaders that form the skeleton. The shade is made of polyester or a blend of two or more materials. The skeleton, on the other hand, is made up of fiberglass or steel. Make sure the material is light and durable while the skeleton is rust-resistant and strong enough to hold the weight.


Extra Features

Many umbrellas come with various extra features at an extra cost. Some are hinged to allow tilting so that you can move the shade without shifting the whole umbrella. Another useful feature is venting. For this, get an umbrella that has mesh panels that allow the wind to move through instead of blowing the umbrella away.


Final Thoughts

A beach umbrella plus a suitable beach chair make it possible to have a place to rest after all the activities on the beach. Make sure you choose the perfect umbrella to complement your beach chairs. Consider the materials, size, and extra features when making the perfect choice.

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Pinterest famous
June 21st, 2017 by SWS Magazine

Pinterest is one of the major platforms that can allow you as a digital marketer to increase your following.  A lot of people on day to day basis log into Pinterest to find the newest products to buy.  If a significant number of individuals discover you on the platform, you will be able to reach them and inform them about the products or the brands that you market.  Getting popular on Pinterest improves your marketing approaches, and you can make more money from your career as a marketer.  A lot of people have benefited from being famous on the platform and this how to get famous on Pinterest and reap from your fame.

  1. Have authentic content

A lot of people posting on Pinterest post content that is not original. People are fond of posting repins and they are not catchy. If you are creative and make content that has never been on Pinterest, you will compel a significant number of people and subsequently, your followers will increase.  The materials that you post can range from brainy quotes, photos that are funny, authentic pictures and info-graphics.  Other posts can increase your followers, but info-graphics are better because people will repin them more than usual posts increasing your chances of becoming famous.

  1. Post other people content

You will never have enough content to put on Pinterest if you don’t repin what other people post. Repins allow you to have more presence on Pinterest and at the end of the day, you will have more people following you.  Having more followers is the surest way to becoming popular on the platform.  Being popular gives you more chances to reach to a big number of people and communicate to them about a product you sell or a service that you offer for a fee.  If you repin someone’s post, he will quickly notice you and start following your page.

  1. Follow more people

Without following others you will not have followers. If you relax and wait for people to look for you on Pinterest, you may end up lacking fans. Your aim is to get famous, and you should work hard to get followers on Pinterest. If you follow people they will definitely follow you, ensure that you are following at least 10 people each day and you will be famous in a short time. Don’t have time to do this? Consider a Pinterest bot – there are many out there, just like the Instagram bots that have been reviewed by

Pinterest has a feature that allows you to get individuals who can follow you quickly and be using the feature to get more followers.

  1. Have presence

Your presence on Pinterest will determine whether you become famous.  If you set aside some time to be on the platform you will be able to network with more people and this in return help you to grow your business. Time is the most valuable resource and if you invest it well the reward will be hefty.

  1. Your Pinterest account should be linked to your other social account

If you have linked your Pinterest account with other social accounts such as Instagram, Twitter and Facebook more friends and relatives will access you. This will give you more fame and you will be able to market your brand easily.

Being on Pinterest is vital for any business and if you want to grow your enterprise to, the next level it is high time you join the platform.

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May 30th, 2017 by SWS Magazine

There are commonalities to every boxing school.  A ring or two where trainers might hold mitts for boxers or where some sparring may occur, heavy bags that have felt the force of thousands of punches from hundreds of different faces, then there’s the various other implements like speed bags, weights and skip ropes.  Then there’s that spot in the gym where nothing hangs, just a space over a well-worn floor and a vacant wall.  This seemingly benign piece of real estate like other spots in the gym has seen thousands upon thousands of action, where boxers and fighters face an unbeatable foe.


When a boxer steps up to this area they know that what they will be squaring off against is not just another fighter.  It is perhaps the most difficult fight or round of their training day, and they won’t even be able to inflict a scratch let alone land a punch.  For their opponent is this area is intangible, it is them and not them, it is their shadow.  Using shadowboxing a boxer can hone their reaction time, their footwork and even angles of attack.  The best thing is that it is a practice that can be taken out of the gym, for it needs no special equipment or setup, just the ground, a wall and a bit of light to create a shadow.


There are those within the community that scoff at the almost ancient practice of shadowboxing.  “Unrealistic” some say, while some outright mock the idea, considering it an “oldschool” mentality.  They are not totally wrong in their line of thinking.  Boxing is a striking art, and hence you should be striking something when practicing boxing.  Heavy bag, speed bag, mitts and belly pads are all great to exercise the contact portion of the Sweet Science.  However, should these naysayers take a couple of steps back and take a look at shadowboxing from a different perspective, they may be able to see why it is a practice that has stood the test of time.


Shadowboxing is not about hitting, which is a bit contrarian since the boxer is throwing their fists while practicing it.  What it does develop, however, is a boxer’s ability to react.  This exercise makes them face something that will do the exact same movements as them, therefore the moment they throw a punch, then their shadow does the same, and so they must react to their shadow and avoid the phantom blow.  And so the cycle goes.  Attack, react, defend, react, attack, react, defend, and on and on and on.  Hand actions are one thing, but shadow boxing will also get a boxer’s feet moving, because after a couple of punches and dodges they will want to naturally move around to attack at their shadow from different angles or evade their shadow’s attacks by sidestepping or shuffling sideways.


Shadowboxing is here to stay, not just because it is one of those things that is part of the way things are, but also because it is highly effective at developing certain traits of boxing that a fighter would be hard-pressed to find elsewhere.

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February 26th, 2017 by SWS Magazine

Do you have old upholstered indoor or outdoor furniture that could use a little TLC? Maybe you have a piece that has some stains or fading that needs some love and you need a cost-effective and the simplest delivery method of repair.

Did you know you can spray paint your upholstered furniture?

Imagine using simply spray fabric paint to revitalize your upholstered furnishings around the house. You can literally spray paint your way to a whole new look for your old furniture.

Simply Spray is non-toxic, environmentally-friendly, kid-safe, not sticky or stiff after it dries, and is efficient and effective for bringing new life to old or faded furniture.

You can turn an old, stained RV seat into a whole new RV seat like this:


It’s not just great for RV seating. You can use Simply Spray fabric/upholstery paint on virtually any kind of fabric or upholstery.

For instance, this beautifully designed old wingback chair needed a new look.



Which turned into this new, updated, elegant look:


Outdoor patio furniture, automobile seating, sofas, loveseats, rugs, and other types of fabric covered furnishings can all benefit from a few coats of Simply Spray fabric spray. These pictorial examples are from real customers who used our products.

People across the globe are discovering how it’s easy and more cost-effective to use Simply Spray fabric spray to renew and update their upholstered home furnishing inside and outside.

It costs hundreds to reupholster furniture and thousands to replace it when it becomes stained or you simply get tired of looking at it. Furniture covers are okay, but they are often quite costly and they don’t stay on well. You will find yourself constantly tucking it corners, between cushions, and basically trying to make them look presentable all the time.

Home improvement projects using Simply Spray fabric spray allows you to spray paint your furniture faster, easier, and more conveniently than any other method of revitalizing your furnishings. You can also do this kind of project with you kids, spending some much-needed quality time together and teaching them a new skill.

There are many benefits of using Simply Spray fabric pain for a wide variety of projects in and around the home. Whether you enjoy arts and crafts, you’re just getting started doing your own home décor and renovations, or you just love a new challenge, spray painting upholstered furniture is a fun project. The sense of accomplishment when you see the end results makes the time and effort you put into it well worth it.

Another benefit of using Simply Spray is the ranges of colors you will find in this brand. Plum, lavender, burgundy, bright red, coral peach, burnt orange, saddle brown, camel, sage green, hunter green, hot lime (fun color), Caribbean blue, navy, periwinkle, midnight black, and charcoal grey. Some people get creative with stencils and color contrasts on their furniture designs.

Almost any upholstery in your home can be updated or covered with Simply Spray. Learn more about our products, at the home of Simply Spray here:


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October 7th, 2016 by SWS Magazine

Boxing has elements that teach you more about fighting than you think possible. Some people who have never tried it think that because boxing only involves using the hands that it’s too limited. Those who have tried boxing know that it’s tough sport that involves strict training and tough competition, and it’s genuine fighting that requires speed, stamina, and power. Your reflexes in boxing need to be quick and that involves fast reaction time on the part of the boxer.

All mixed martial arts fighters should learn to box, because it will improve your athletic performance, speed, stamina, and your reflexes and reaction time.

Here are 5 viable reasons why every fighter should get some boxing skills.

  1. Speedy Reflexes are important in boxing. Boxing matches are faster paced than other fighting/combat sports. The opponents are closer in proximity with both attacking and defending at the same time. You don’t hear the bell, walk out and walk around in boxing. You step out and start fighting. Sure, that’s great for hand-to-hand, but what about with weapons or kicking? The techniques used in boxing improve your reaction time and reflexes, which helps you be faster when you need to be, and teaches you how to use your hands when you’re without a weapon or unable to kick.
  2. Master the Art of Slickness by learning to box. You can master the art of slickness known as the sweet science of boxing: Art + Efficiency = Slickness. Being slick helps you overwhelm and shutdown your opponent. While it’s a rare occurrence, slickness looks like a beat down with all the boxing combinations being thrown rapidly in a continuous flow. It also allows you artistic expression.
  3. Punching Performance, or functionality is crucial in boxing, but it’s also useful in other forms of martial and fighting arts. Punching is a basic boxing term, but it comes with so many variations of punches and techniques, that it will surprise you. Various angles and the amount of power behind the punches are part of that. Punching performance gives you more power, speed, angles, versatility, efficiency, and better timing, precision, and overall punching functionality that you can bring to almost any sport.
  4. A Collaborative Skills Atmosphere is what you can expect in the training arena in boxing. It’s more than a place to train. It’s a factory that teaches you to punch and to fight through boxing techniques. You also get to collaborate with fellow boxers and spar with them to learn more. Most people in boxing training are willing to help you, which also helps them.
  5. Fully Intense Combat is the cornerstone of boxing. It’s one of the top fighting arts that will teach you full-intensity combat. That means you fight at full speed, with full force, and with full brutality. Some martial arts use bare hand fighting, which doesn’t allow them to use full force or brutality in most instances. Consider judo and wrestling where you really don’t worry about or fear getting a punch in the face. Boxing is a sport where you have to defend yourself against that kind of brutality. While protective gear is used in boxing, it won’t deter your performance, speed, or technique.

Overall, boxing is more competitive than other fighting arts. When you learn to box, you get the true, full fighting experience. You can take the techniques, slickness, speed, stamina, and other things you learn from boxing into any other fighting art you choose.



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staph mma
October 3rd, 2016 by SWS Magazine

Examples of staph infections are found within the MMA arena. Goyito Perez suffered a severe staph infection in his leg. According to Dr. Michael Kelly, sports medicine specialist, staph infections are common in MMA. It’s not uncommon for doctors to encounter MMA grapplers, wrestlers, and fighters with skin staph infections. This happens due to all the skin-to-skin contact that is part of the sport. Some fighters try to heal staph with natural remedies with varying degrees of success. Some people say garlic works because it is a natural antibiotic, and some say the back pain relieving, anti-inflammatory effects of turmeric also help.

It’s perplexing that MMA fighters, grapplers, boxers, and wrestlers don’t realize the importance of getting every little rash, skin issue, and cut checked out. They don’t seem to understand the importance of ruling out staph and/or getting early treatment for it. It propagates so quickly through unclean equipment, skin-to-skin, and other related contact, that fighters need to realize how important it is to get it in check, fast. They can take these infections home to their wives, children, and family members.

According to Dr. Kelly, he has had to shut down teams due to staph infection outbreaks. The New Jersey regulations in MMA state that when two or more individuals are diagnosed with staph, the whole program has to be shut down and evaluated. The facilities they use have to be cleaned, the athletes have to be treated and cleared, and the locker room has to undergo a thorough cleaning before they are able to start up the program again. The goal is to prevent it from spreading and to clear the facilities and athletes.

MMA fighters don’t like to take time off from their training and competitions, but it’s all on them when they fail to recognize how important staph infections are and how they can not only shut down their program, but affect other fighters and their families. If they were to pay attention to skin rashes and cuts, make sure the equipment they are using is clean before and after use, and raise awareness of the importance of understanding staph, maybe things will change in MMA.


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August 27th, 2016 by SWS Magazine

Remember when it was common to read about how bad the effects of coffee were? Now, just like it did with dark chocolate and wine, the tables have turned in a positive direction for the health benefits of coffee. Just like anything you eat or drink, moderation is the key. Even too much of a healthy food can cause problems, so keep that in mind when you are drinking coffee.

Did you know that coffee is one of the most popular beverages in the world? Until now, coffee was blamed for a variety of health problems from high blood pressure and cholesterol to cancer of the pancreas and bone loss. Newer, broader, and better research studies have changed how caffeine and coffee is seen by science. The previous belief that coffee is bad for your health has been refuted by these studies suggesting that coffee, in moderation has many health benefits.

How is coffee good for you?
Coffee beans actually come from red berries, making coffee a plant-based food. All plant foods contain some kind of naturally occurring chemicals that are beneficial to the human body. As a matter of fact, coffee beans contain over 1,000 of these beneficial natural chemicals, and that’s only the ones that have been identified. Many of these chemicals become active during the roasting process.

While some of the chemicals could potentially be less healthy, many have potentially good and healthful benefits. For instance, polyphenols, which are antioxidants that cause the acidic and bitter taste of coffee are healthy chemicals. Coffee is considered the number one source of antioxidants in the United States, mostly because so much is consumed there.

What about caffeine?
Most people get concerned when they hear the word ‘caffeine”, the most common ingredient in coffee. What you might not know is that caffeine acts as a natural pesticide that protects coffee plants from predators.

Brewed coffee using a coffee maker contains between 60 to 120 milligrams of caffeine per six ounces of the rich and delicious hot stuff. Caffeine is considered a mild psychoactive chemical that can stimulate the central nervous system in animals and humans.

Studies show that it improves mental acuity, reaction time, elevates mood, staves off fatigue and drowsiness, and makes you feel more alert. BJM recently published an Australian study of long-distance Outback truckers related to how crashes have been reduced from drinking coffee due to its caffeine content.

Something else you probably don’t know about coffee is that it is known as an ergogenic aid that boosts certain types of athletic performance. You will also see caffeine in some over-the-counter pain relievers because it has an analgesic effect.

Potential Coffee Benefits – There’s More
New controlled and extensive coffee studies are coming out monthly or bi-monthly. While most of the research is performed using regular, caffeinated coffee, some studies are also including decaffeinated coffee. Here are some recent findings.

Blood Pressure: High blood pressure has been a concern when it comes to drinking caffeinated coffee. In 2011 there were some studies that reported coffee is okay for people with controlled high blood pressure. Short-term studies show that two cups of coffee can raise blood pressure by about 7 points on average for a few minutes up to three hours. However, long-term studies that lasted two weeks the daily consumption of coffee didn’t increase blood pressure. It seems the human body may build up a tolerance for caffeine and not raise blood pressure.

Diabetes: In long-term studies, it has been found that the consumption of caffeine/coffee may help slow down the release of glucose. What does that mean? Mostly this relates to reducing the risk of developing type 2 diabetes. The polyphenols in coffee help with insulin resistance. Studies done with people who already have type 2 diabetes have no findings related to any benefits to drinking coffee related to their condition.

Other studies have shown that it may reduce the risk of certain cancers like colon, endometrial, and prostate cancer. Coffee may also help reduce cognitive decline, protect against liver disease, enhance life expectancy, help with depression, protect against Parkinson’s disease, and prevent stroke and heart disease.

It’s okay to have a cup or two of coffee every day as long as it doesn’t have any adverse effects on you. It’s not recommended that you go out and buy coffee just for these benefits since there is no way to know if it will adversely affect you. However, if you already drink coffee, make sure you do so in moderation.

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July 28th, 2016 by SWS Magazine

Winning in the boxing ring means being able to pack a more powerful punch than your opponent. Some people believe that famous knockout boxers like George Foreman and Rocky Marciano were born with that kind of power. That may be, but anyone can build a more powerful knockout punch with just a few changes in their workout routine.

Where does your punching power come from?

Some power may come from deep inside you, where certain emotions have grown and can be accessed as needed, but what about the physical aspect of your power? Did you know that your power doesn’t start where it ends? In other words, your punching power is found only in your fists. A powerful punch starts in the hips and/or legs where you get leverage in order to throw the strongest punch you have.

Since power is weight times speed, a person who is heavier than you can usually punch harder if they put their whole body behind it. However, weight is only one aspect of packing a powerful punch. It takes some level of speed to help develop more power. Therefore, when you’re choosing workouts and training for boxing (or any sport where you need more power), you have to develop not only your muscle mass, but your speed. The following will discuss five ways you can improve your athletic power and performance.


5 Ways to Develop Your KO Power

  1. Learn how to transfer your body weight – Using your whole body to throw a knockout punch is powerful. The late Rocky Marciano was the king of transferring weight to throw an effective knockout punch. Watch old Marciano fights on video and pay close attention to how this great boxer used his whole body to throw each and every punch. Watch as he puts more weight on his back foot as he pushes off and transfers that weight to the front foot and unleashes knockout punches through his fist. If you can master that and start using your whole body for at least half of your punches, you are improving your punching power.
  2. Get fit – If you’re carrying around excess fat weight, it’s time to get rid of it. Part of your training should include fat-burning exercises like walking or running so you can improve your lung capacity as well as your muscular endurance. Doing that makes your power last longer, therefore allowing you to save it up for the later rounds if necessary.
  3. Add weight to your training– Any exercise you’re doing for weight training will benefit from adding more weight as you go. For instance, if you’re not increasing the weights used in your deadlift, you won’t boost the power in your punch.
  4. Use plyometrics – Increasing your power isn’t just about weight training. Add plyometrics to your workouts to help you with resistance training. Plyometrics, or plyos, is also known as jump training. These exercises exert the maximum force in short intervals. The goal of plyometrics is to increase power, which equates to both speed and strength.
  5. Choose your exercises wisely – Deadlifts, bicep curls, pushups, pullups, and other weight training workouts, are good, but it’s time to ramp up your training with something else. If you haven’t been doing Olympic lifts, you aren’t going to boost your power. If you want that KO punch power, add this and other exercises that improve your speed and power.

These tips have been written primarily for those who box, but they also apply to all athletes. All kinds of athletes from boxers to football players need to improve their speed, performance, and power.

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June 12th, 2015 by SWS Magazine

When you think of yoga, you might envision some interesting pretzel-like contortions where people put their body and limbs in positions that make you cringe, but it’s more than that. Yoga is also used to stretch muscles and tendons to improve flexibility and to alleviate back and neck pain. If you want to enjoy these benefits of yoga, you should learn more about it, but you should also look beyond the new age stigma attached to it.

The positions you see when people practice yoga are called asanas. Asanas encompass a range of stretches, poses, and stances that have been used for thousands of years in eastern countries, especially India. Thousands of years ago yoga was more than an exercise. It was a spiritual quest for balance. Today, many people only focus on it’s ability to relieve muscle, ligament, tendon, and joint pain. It also boosts your flexibility and range of motion. If you practice yoga on a regular basis, you will also find that it reduces stress and allows you to relax.

If you’re still thinking that yoga poses, stances, and stretches are out of your reach, you’ll be happy to know that’s not how it works. Not every pose is something you can achieve as a beginner or even as an intermediate user of yoga. Since this form of exercise is designed to stretch tight and shortened muscles, over time you will find you’re able to do more of the poses and stances that once had you baffled.

The beginner’s goal is to learn the proper way to engage the pose, stance, or stretch first. You don’t have to be able to stretch as far as someone who has been practicing yoga for months or years. You aren’t to overdo it. Only go as far as is comfortable and let it happen as you gain flexibility. Your body will heal and adapt as you go.

It’s wise to make sure you are healthy enough and that you don’t have any spinal irregularities or health conditions that would be worsened by yoga. It’s not for everyone. Consult with your physician, chiropractor, or physiotherapist before diving into yoga for back and neck pain. You may be able to perform some asanas, but not all, or you may have to find other avenues for treating your back and neck pain.

Find a qualified instructor in your local area before you try to jump into practicing yoga on your own. A good instructor helps you learn the proper way to do the asanas and will help you progress as you should without overdoing it. They are there to encourage and support you, but they won’t let you doing anything that you aren’t physically or mentally prepared for or able to do.

If you truly want to reduce your neck and back pain, help your body heal, find a way to relax, and/or enhance your flexibility, try yoga. As long as you’re physically able to do this, you will reap the benefits of this practice. It’s perfect for people who sit or stand a lot for their jobs, or are in high-stress careers.

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